Trees and Blue Sky

Trees with a backdrop of cobalt blue sky push my pause button, especially this time of year.  I want to pull them inside me, live with the vivid colors, exude the joy of the moment.   Panama City Beach in September is lovely.  The water serene and blue to match the sky.

A few years ago,  Kate was with us in Florida for Thanksgiving.  We visited my nephew, Kyle and his wife, Brandy in Munson.  They served us barbecued ribs that were juicy, messy and yummy delicious.  It was a treat to be with them as we walked in the field behind their house.  The stately pine caught my eye.  The glossy red berries of the yaupon holly reminded my of my grandmother, Dessie.  She would decorate with the berries during the holidays.  I planted yaupon holly from a nursery in my yard in Georgia because it reminded my of my Florida family.

The leaves will be changing soon.  Just as the seasons come and go, our days of caregiving will do the same.  It is all about letting go.  Holding all things loosely.  The trees let go of the leaves.  The soil is nourished.  Those we care for are nourished by our care and we are nourished by their presence in our lives.  Acceptance is difficult to reach, but it can be a place of peace.

Last year in December, I visited Kate in New York City.  She took me to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas trees.  I loved the leafless trees strung with lights.  They seemed hopeful.  Bare, but giving off light when the sky was the darkest.

The Cedar Waxwings come through about February.  They love the Cotoneaster berries.  I will notice them when I hear the little squeaky call they make and see the leaves wiggling with no breeze as they greedily eat the berries.  When I walk by the bushes, they fly up into the trees.  They are handsome, smoothly dressed feathers in yellow and gray.
And then, spring comes again.  This oak is flowering in April.  It is a white oak, if I remember correctly.  All things newI enjoy the young green leaves of the tulip poplar next to it.

Haiku is a fun way to observe and take a mini-moment for reflection.  Try it as you fold laundry, prepare meals, or walk the dog.  This is one I wrote in an art class in August.  The assignment was to draw a tree and write a poem.

Oak trees reach for sky.

Fertile ground welcomes acorns

dying….forest grow.