Halibut for Supper

Dave, Mom and I met Kittye and Winston at the Cracker Barrel in Opelika, Alabama this past Saturday.  Tropical Storm Lee was spitting a bit of rain on them as they drove north on Interstate 65.  We had sunshine driving south.  The Cracker Barrel allows us to make an easy restroom stop with Mom in the wheelchair and she enjoys shopping and eating there.   She grinned from ear to ear when she saw them and waved her hand in the air.  She was happy to be going home for a little while. The break refreshes all of us.

When we arrived home from Opelika, I was eager to prepare a package of halibut that I had thawing in the refrigerator.  I enjoy cooking for Dave.  He is the easiest person to please in the whole world.  I am truly grateful, because I have tried many a new recipe out on him.  My favorite comment when he is eating a meal I have prepared is, “We’ve been married 41 years and we have never had this meal before”.   It is a wonder.

Our dear friends, Maria and Luiz, who live in San Francisco, but spend summers in Alaska sent us a box filled with frozen halibut, salmon and clams that they caught this summer.  Maria says she has caught the most fish.  I have no doubt.  Dave and I can’t wait for them to take us fishing.  Maybe, next summer.  We hope to have a visit from them before then.

The halibut steak is about an inch thick and 4-5 inches wide.  I applied a generous portion of salt and pepper, cut it into four pieces and dredged it in plain flour.

I put a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and of butter into the pan.  The ceramic frying pans get hot and stay hot.  I miscalculated and let the butter get a little browner than I would have liked, but it did not affect the flavor.  I enjoy how beautiful the food looks in my white pans with the red handles and bottoms.  Dave gave them to me, a set of three, small, medium and large.  I used the medium size. The fillets cooked about 3 minutes on each of the four sides.

I removed the halibut from the pan and added a clove of chopped garlic from Loganberry Farm and cooked it for about a minute.  After pouring in 1/3 cup of Kendell-Jackson Riesling, I added some capers and about a half pint of cherry tomatoes that I got out of the garden.  The tomatoes cooked until their skins popped.  I put Organic Girl Super Greens (green and red swiss chard, tat soi, arugula and spinach) onto the plate, topped them with a piece of fish and spooned the sauce, capers and tomatoes over the lovely fillets.  Pure perfection, flaky and delicious.  Thank you, Maria and Luiz.

And you know what, we have never had that supper before………


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