Take Joy

Mom returns to my house next week.  My caregiving juices have started to flow, less sleep at night, more tired during the day.  I dreamed very vividly last night that I got up in the night and discovered Mom sitting on the couch, sound asleep, wearing a light blue house coat, with her chin on her chest, snoring.  I was astounded that I had forgotten to put her in her bed.  With her sweet disposition, she didn’t make a fuss.  She made the best of the situation and peacefully went to sleep where she was.  I woke up, startled, but smiling.

I would like to dump this small lump of anxiety that I am caring around.  I’ve tried all the tricks of the trade, prayer, yoga, walking, whining, and wine.  Today, I am accepting it for what it is.  I’ll get to know it.  Ask it how it’s doing.  Already, I feel better.  Breathe deeply.  It is part of me.  Breathe deeper.   Acceptance.

Creating brings me back to my center.  I will go down to my workroom and start on the five Napkinections that I plan to make this week.  I will post them in my Etsy store by Friday.

The gloom of the world is but a shadow;

behind it, yet, within our reach, is joy.

Take joy.

Fra Giovanni,  A.D. 1513


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