Blackberry Cobbler Connections

Yesterday, I made blackberry cobbler with my daughter and granddaughter.  My son-in-law, Kevin picked the blackberries, plump and filled with the sweet taste of sunny days, with Olivia and Grayson on the edge of a field near their house.  We measured out eight cups and added some from my yard to make about ten cups.  The ones from my yard grew on a thornless bush and measured almost an inch long.  They were bitter compared to the wild ones, but tasted fine in the cobbler.

To the berries, we added about a cup of sugar, 3T cornstarch, 2T light brown sugar, 1t finely grated fresh ginger, a pinch of salt and 1T of fresh lemon juice.  Kimberly measured the ingredients.  Olivia dumped them in the bowl.  I read the recipe from Martha Stewart Living magazine, August 2005, to keep us on track and fetched the ingredients.

Olivia helped squeeze the lemon on a glass lemon “squeezer” that belonged to my dad’s mother, Dessie.  It felt good touching that with Olivia as we twisted the lemon and thinking how pleased Grandmother would be to know we remembered her as I told her great-great-granddaughter the story of it belonging to her.

Kimberly whisked together 2 cups all-purpose flour, 2t baking powder and 1/3 cup granulated sugar.  Flour has a way of flying with a three-year old involved.  I cut up a stick of butter into the flour mixture.  Kimberly cut it in with a pastry blender that belonged to my mom’s mother, Kittie, who we called MaMa.  So, another story to tell.  Connections made.

Olivia, by this time, decided she wanted to create her own dessert with graham crackers.  I took a ramekin off the shelf.  She crumbled a graham cracker into it.  Sugar was the next requested ingredient, so 1 scant teaspoon was added.  I remembered that I had some whipped cream in the refrigerator, always fun.  She helped me squirt a nice swirl onto the mixture which she then, added about 10 blueberries.  Pleased as could be with her creation, she offered everyone a taste.  We all raved…

A cup of cream and a half teaspoon of vanilla were added to the flour and butter mixture for the cobbler.  The berries were poured into a 2 quart glass dish and topped with the flour mixture in 10 dollops which were smoothed over the berries, brushed with cream and sprinkled with sugar.  Baked at 375 degrees for about an hour, it was lovely, golden goodness oozing with thick berry juice.  I must remember my camera next time.

I dished it  into bowls and topped it with vanilla ice cream that created rivulets of cream as it melted over the warm berries and tender crust.  It was truly a family effort that connected all of us from the field into our very satisfied tummies.  Happy July 4th.





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