Welcome to the first post of my blog, Napkinection.  Napkinection is a combination of napkin and connection.  The word, Napkinection, was brought to life by my daughter Kate when I heard a whisper in the heart of my being to begin this adventure of making beaded connectors to attach to a napkin for my mother and others who needed a dignified way to keep food off their clothing. The process has led me to start a website, a store on http://www.Etsy.com and now this blog.

I watched Oprah’s Farewell show this afternoon, and I was captured by the question she asked, “What are the whispers in your life?”  As I have been caring for my grandchildren two days a week and my mom, I have heard whispers of a need to write and go through the process of starting Napkinection.  I have no idea where it will lead.  It doesn’t really matter.  Being still and listening to the whispers from deep inside is what matters even if I only have 10 minutes.  Too often in my life, I have let the busyness of my days drown out whispers from within.

It is my intention to write my adventures with food, family and caregiving.  The reality of this life is that we need to eat, we need family, however you define it, and we need to care for others.  At some point, all of us will need the touch of a hand that communicates love and care.  I hope this blog will be the touch that will let you know that I want to hear what you have to say and that I care about you.  I look forward to your ideas and comments.


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